Sound, Video and Technology

If you are interested in helping with sound, video, and other forms of technology we would love to have your help.  Please fill out the form below. 


Things are always blooming here at Centenary! If you would like to volunteer to help with keeping our church landscaping in order we need your help! Here is a list of ways you can help:

* Weeding/trimming

* Planting when needed

* Watering when needed. 

Children's Ministry

If you would like to volunteer in our children's ministry there are several ways you can get involved.  Here is a list: (each volunteer will be background checked)

* Sunday School Teacher

* Shepherd

* Children's Church Teacher

* Children's Church Volunteer

Youth Ministry

If you would like to volunteer with our youth ministry we would love to have you.  We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for ministry with youth and want to be mentors in our program.  We are looking for:

* Middle and High school leaders

* Camp volunteers

* Sunday School Teachers